Professor Ronald Barnett




  • St Mary’s University, Twickenham, Middlesex: various advisory and support activities.



  • Higher Education Academy:  Associate, being academic lead for suite of projects on flexible pedagogies.  Wrote major report on the topic – see under ‘Publications’.



  • University of Lincoln: assessment of draft REF return for the Education Group (involving both a report and meetings with the members of the Group and senior staff).



  • LSE/ Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS - in India): an evaluation of an LSE/TISS collaboration (involving a visit to TISS in Mumbai, including to the funder of the collaboration, the TATA corporation).
  • University of Vienna, Austria: Member of review team evaluating work of the University’s Teaching and Learning Centre.



University of Surrey

  • Senior Research Consultant: assisting in developing an agenda around the idea of ‘lifewide learning’ (conducting a small-scale research project, and being involved in the SCEPTrE conference on the topic).



Parliamentary Select Committee – Inquiry into Students and Universities

    • Special Adviser




  • Member of research team and educational consultant to consortium conducting suite of projects on space management in institutions of higher education.  With a colleague, have explored and produced a report on universities’ future space needs.




University of Westminster

  •  (With Professor Gill Nicholls), assisting the University - over 6 months - in developing its programme of pedagogical research projects conducted by members of its staff.

 Missenden Centre for the Development of Higher Education

  • Co-Director of 2-day seminar on postgraduate research degree programmes.





  • Part of consortium looking at relationships between research and teaching (as part of HEFCE’s review of research policy.




  • (with Professor Gareth Williams), ‘scoping study’ on relationships between research and teaching, including literature review.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

  • Advisory report on taking forward the Society’s new scheme for Continuing Professional Development for its members.



Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE)

  • Member of Coopers & Lybrand team, working up draft corporate plan for the ILTHE.



‘Dearing Inquiry’ into Higher Education

  • National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (chaired by Sir Ron Dearing): led team analysing the responses to the Committee’s public consultation and wrote ensuing report, which appears as Appendix 1 to the Committee’s Report.

Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh

  • Review for the Department of Occupational Therapy, Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, of its teaching approaches, observing lecturers’ teaching over a two-day period.  Produced report for the Department



  • Standing Conference of Principals (SCOP)
    • Report for the Council of Management of the SCOP (unpublished): (Svava Bjarnason and Ronald Barnett): 
            HEQC Audit Reports:  A Review and Analysis



     University of the West Indies

    • Design of a teaching quality assurance system.
            Report (unpublished): Assessing Teaching Quality at the University of the West Indies. 

    Committee of Scottish Higher Education Principals

    • Report for COSHEP on the development of teaching quality arrangements in Scotland.


    1994, 1995

    Central School of Speech and Drama

    • Independent Assessor for internal departmental reviews. 
    • In 1995-96, acted as a continuing asessor for the whole of the annual cycle of departmental reviews.



     Higher Education Funding Council for England; Higher Education Funding Council for Wales.
    (£35,000 grant)

    Review of the English and Welsh teaching quality assessment methodologies.

     Report: Assessment of the Quality of Higher Education: A Review and an Evaluation
                    (Bristol, HEFCE).  [The so-called Barnett Report]

    This report led to fundamental changes in the approach to teaching quality assessment in England, in particular, through the adoption of a profiling approach.

    A commentary paper, analysing the consultancy process, and co-written with Professor Gareth Parry, has been published in the literature (2014): see below under Publications (d) ‘Papers in refereed journals’.



     Scottish Higher Education Funding Council

    • Review of the SHEFC teaching quality assessment methodology.      
      Quality Assessment: An Evaluation (Edinburgh: SHEFC)



    Other smaller consultancy activities include:          

    • Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals
    • Cranfield University
    • University of Bournemouth
    • University of Liverpool
    • Northampton University
    • University of Hull
    • Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies, Netherlands
    • University of West London
    • Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
    • Some private companies (eg running workshops)