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Chapters in books


  • ‘Considering the University’, in A Samalavicius (ed) Neoliberalism, Economism and Higher Education.  Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • ‘The Thinking University: two versions, rival and complementary’, in R Barnett and S Bengtsen (eds), The Thinking University.   Dordrecht: Springer.



  • (with Soren Bengtsen) ‘Realism and Education: a philosophical examination of the “realness” of the university’, ch 9 (121-137) in P Higgs and Y Waghid, A Reader in Philosophy of Education.  Cape Town: Juta.


  •  ‘The Idea of the University in the Twenty-First Century: Where is the Imagination?’, in Thomas Karlsohn (ed) Universitetets Idé (volume of historical writings on the idea of the university). Gothenburg: Daidalos.
  • ‘On the Philosophy of Higher Education’, contribution on section on Philosophy of Higher Education in on-line Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory.  doi:10.1007/978-981-287-532-7_629-1


  • ‘The Idea of the University: Renewing the Great Tradition’, in Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions insection on ‘Meanings and Purposes’ edited by Manja Klemencic; overall editors: Jung Cheol Shin and Pedro Nuno Teixeira.  Dordrecht: Springer. 

                             ISBN: 978-94-017-9553-1 (Print) 978-94-017-9553-1 (Online)

(in press) 

  • (with Michael Peters) ‘Introduction’, The Idea of the University, Volume One.  Peter Lang.
  • ‘The Ecological University: a university whose time has come’, in Ronald Barnett and Michael Peters (eds) The Idea of the University – volume 2, Contemporary Perspectives, New York, Peter Lang.


  • ‘Culture and the University: An Ecological Approach’, in A Stoller and E Kramer (eds) Philosophical Proposals for the University: Towards a Philosophy of Higher Education.  Palgrave Macmillan.


  • ‘Scholarship in the University: an ecological perspective’, in Stephen Crump, Antony Drew and Gordon Redding (eds), Oxford Handbook of Comparative Higher Education Systems and University Management.



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Papers in Journals



  • ‘Constructing the University: Towards a Social Philosophy of the University’, Educational Philosophy and Theory, 49 (1) 78-88

  • Barnett, R. & Guzmán-Valenzuela, C. ‘Sighting horizons of teaching in higher education’. Higher Education, 73, 1, 113-126.
  • ‘Eco-dreams and university geopolitics, Educational Philosophy and Theory, 1-3
  •  Barnett, R and Bengtsen, S, ‘Universities and Epistemology: from a dissolution of knowledge to the emergence of a new thinking’, Education Sciences.7 (38)



  • ‘Reasoning the University: A Glimpse of Possibilities’, in special issue on education in Tidskrift for Politisk Filosofi (translated into Swedish) 3 (20) 52-65.
  • ‘The Thinking University: A Feasible Utopia?’, in special issue of Knowledge Cultures
  • (with Soren Bengtsen): ‘Confronting the Dark Side of Higher Education’, Journal of Philosophy of Education.
  • Some pathologies of undergraduate research – and how to cure them’, in CUR Council on Undergraduate Research.



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  •  ‘Understanding the University: Planes and possibilities (and even poetry)’, in annual newsletter of Philosophy of Education Society.
  • ‘University Education: Glimpsing a New Direction’, contribution to compendium, Challenges and Opportunities for the Century Ahead, celebrating 100 years anniversary of Osmania University, India.

    • ‘The Coming of the Ecological Learner’, contribution to publication following VII International Forum on University Innovation, Vigo, Spain.

      (in press)

    • ‘General Education: A Reconsideration’, in Reflexiones Sobre los Estudios Generales en Educación Superior’, Baranquilla, Colombia: Uninorte.



    • Preface to set of essays on MOOC futures, World of Learning compendium
    • ‘A Will to Write or “That blinking cursor demands words from me”’, in New Vistas, magazine of the University of West London 2 (1).
    • Conversation on higher education in Kulturos Barai (Lithuania)
    • ‘EU referendum: will UK become less global, more parochial?’, Times Higher Education, 24 June,
    • (Blog):

    • and also published in THE 30 June, p33.
    • ‘Eco-Dreams and University Geopolitics’, invited response to Michael Peters’ editorial, Educational Philosophy and Theory, 49 (5).  Online: 10.1080/00131857.2017.1288799.
    • ‘Universiteto ideja tarp Sciles ir Charibdes.’ Conversation with Professor/Dr Almantas Samalavicius.   Kultoros Barai, 2, 14-17.

    • ‘The Value of Higher Education Today’, article in local church magazine (Christ Church, West Wimbledon).



    Forewords in books


    • Foreword for Dilly Fung, A Connected Curriculum for Higher Education.  London: UCL Press.



    • Foreword for Jamie P Halsall and Michael Snowden (eds.) The Pedagogy of the Social Sciences Curriculum.  Springer.

    • Foreword for Nuraan Davids and Yusef Waghid, Educational leadership-in-becoming: On the potential of leadership in action. Routledge.
    • Foreword for Norman J Jackson (ed), Exploring Learning Ecologies.  Chalk Mountain.
    • Foreword for Stephen Heap (ed), The Universities We Need: Theological Developments. Routledge.
    • Foreword for Henk Huijser and Megan Kek, Problem-based learning into the future: Imagining an agile PBL ecology for learning.  Springer.


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